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       *Thanks for taking the time to review by digital portfolio.   Stay tuned for further updates as I complete my final collection which is set to be shown March 21, 2018 at Vancouver Fashion week, with my 2018 digital portfolio following.*

        I have a love of producing menswear and menswear inspired clothing.  The detail, the use of natural fibres and the masculine silhouette are what inspire me.  Finding newness in traditionalism, which to me is a welcomed challenge and which I believe is the cornerstone to great menswear design.    


       How do you keep the modern man fresh and current, but without moving him too far off what he's comfortable with?  This is the one question I keep in my mind when I think about my customer and his clothing.  I believe menswear can move into the future, but also respect what has been done because at the end of the day menswear still follows a few basic rules in my opinion, and I respect those rules.   I love to design original prints, and custom colour ways through hand dyeing techniques, i also use textiles that one wouldn't typically find in menswear, my favourite one being Enzyme treated Tencel Twill, which will be featured with and original print for my F/W 2018 showcase.  I love the idea of functional streetwear which is my current aesthetic.  Clothing that you can feel good about wearing out on the town, or hiking up one of the many glorious peaks we have surrounding us in Vancouver.  

     I am so happy to be on my true path.  I have been a hairdresser for 15 years and after selling my salon Life and Colour in 2016,  I allowed myself to fully embrace that calling that has been with me since childhood.  In my teenage years and early 20's I started a streetwear company called Rehab, a very small home sewing-like endeavour, but which gave me so much satisfaction, the feeling has stayed with me all these years.  Even though I am slowing transitioning out of hairdressing, it has been such a valuable career for me because I have had so much personal contact with thousands of people through the years, which I feel has given me tremendous insight into the needs and wants of everyday people.  People who will one day become the James Jurome customer.






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